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Conservatives plan to ban mobile phones in schools

Wed, 21 Nov 2007

According to recent reports from an education policy document, the Conservative Party are planning to outlaw mobile phones in schools, as part of an overall campaign to tighten up discipline in UK classrooms.

The Conservative Party made it clear that teachers needed to regain their lost authority, and a powerful tool at their disposal would be a crackdown on mobile phones .

Increasingly, parents and politicians are concerned by disruptive behaviour, bullying and unpleasant playground problems such as ‘happy slapping,’ all of which have the potential to escalate beyond play.

Currently, teachers are not allowed to confiscate mobile phones from children. The Tory shadow schools secretary, Michael Gove, reportedly commented: "We must do more to tackle the problems of poor discipline and high rates of truancy if the opportunities of education are to be open to all. Teachers have to be given the tools to tackle this issue at root. The balance has to shift back in the classroom, in favour of the teacher."
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