Iphone 3GS

Iphone 3GS

Would you believe it? As expected, Apple have released an updated version of the iPhone, the iPhone 3Gs and we got the chance to test this Speed-ed up version of the iPhone 3G out.

Basically, with the 3GS, Apple made the iPhone into a proper smart phone. You can now MMS, take pictures at 3MP rather than the iPhone 3G’s 2MP… and oh, you can use a compass in case you get stuck in the Sahara with just your iPhone for company.

Apart from that, if you already have the iPhone 3G, there’s not much improvement. Apparently, Apple report that applications load a lot faster – although we could only tell about a 1 to 2 second difference in opening times and web browsing – so nothing major.

It’s definitely NOT worth the huge price tag of £400+ that O2 and Apple are selling it for. In fact, we can’t wait until Orange and Vodafone get hold of it so the price starts coming down. It’s simply too much money for something that’s still not good enough.

Wi-fi complaints

What’s more, people have been complaining to us (and Apple) about wi-fi just not working, which needs replacing by Apple and a whole load of other problems. Fix it, Apple!