Mobile Phone Customisations

Mobile phone customisations are another popular choice for users who want to stand out from the crowd. Designer covers can be bought for many handset models, along with:


You can replace the casings of some phones and give them your own unique look.


Different LEDs can be fitted inside the casing so that the phone lights up in a different colour

Ring tones

Assign a ring tone to a particular group of entries in your phonebook, and you know who is calling without looking.


There are several types of hands-free kit that allow you to use your phone without holding it to next to your ear (very important factor as research continues to suggest radiation from mobiles can be a cause of cancer). The simple earpiece kits are very effective, and allow you to use your mobile in or out of a car and are very convenient as well as cheap.

Most modern handsets come equipped with these, or have them available as an accessory.