Network Coverage

Being able to use your mobile phone depends on it receiving signal from your network. It is not possible to use a different home network, even to make an emergency call.

Indoor or outdoor?

The estimated coverage supplied by networks is based on the fact that you will be outdoors when you use your mobile. However many people need to use their phones indoors, and so in-building coverage matters. The two frequencies used by GSM mobile networks each have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is not true to say that one frequency is better than the other for in-building signal. Some buildings let 900 in better than 1800, while others are the opposite.

Ofcom coverage checker

Ofcom broadband and mobile checker app

This tool which you can download on your phone allows you to check what the network coverage is like in your area, it also shows you what broadband services you’re likely to get at your current location.
This app replaces the sitefinder tool which was discontinued in 2012.

Phone Manufacturers

The mobile phone production market is one that is dominated by the usual big companies – Apple, Sony, Motorola, Samsung and LG.

However there are several other companies that have smaller shares of the market, including a few big names in other fields, but others you may never have heard of.