Mobile Phone Special Needs / Particular Requirements

  • Eyesight difficulties – a handset with a particularly clear display, and well-marked buttons on the keypad would be best suited. Remember that a big display doesn’t necessarily mean larger text!
  • Large fingers – Opting for a small phone may cause you difficulties, especially if the buttons are extremely compact. You may find sending texts hard to operate.
  • Hard hearing – A loud ringer and a vibrating alert, as well as a loud earpiece, are vital for anyone with a loss of hearing.

If you use a hearing aid then you may find that the inductive coupler loop attachment for your mobile phone is your only practical solution (a GSM phone makes it buzz unbearably), as the alternative of an analogue phone is less practical.

  • Suffer from deafness – A phone primarily designed for text messaging is vital. Remember to choose a handset that makes it easy to type and read text messages – handsets with proper keypads, e.g. the Ericsson SmartBoard keypad attachment, or a handset with Predictive Text input would help with this.