Tesco Launches Cheaper IPhone Deals

Tesco Mobile has announced it is now offering a new 12 month tariff on the Apple iPhone .
The mobile operator has launched a new one year, £35 per month contract which comes with 750 anytime, cross network minutes and unlimited internet usage and texts .
The popular 16GB 3GS iPhone handset costs £200 on that deal, while the 32GB 3GS device comes with a £275 handset price.
However, the company has lowered the price of the basic 8GB 3G model to just £100 on its 12-month contract.
Tesco Mobile has also cut the cost of its 2-year iPhone tariff . Customers who sign up to a 24-month contract can now receive unlimited minutes, texts and mobile internet for £45 a month, instead of £60 per month.
Supermarket giant Tesco entered the iPhone market last December following the end of O2’s two-year exclusivity agreement with Apple in the UK, and was the first network operator to introduce 12-month iPhone contracts .
“Tesco Mobile’s iPhone tariffs have been very popular,” said Lance Batchelor, CEO of Tesco Telecoms and Tesco Mobile. “We’ve now made them even better with a lower upfront cost for an iPhone and a new 12-month contract.”