O2 Launch UKs First Eco-Rating Scheme For Mobiles

Mobile operator O2 has introduced a new scheme that rates the environmental impact of its mobile phones .
Consumers can now check the carbon footprint of 65 O2 phones from six vendors ( Nokia, Sony Ericsson, HTC, LG, Samsung and Palm ) on the O2 website and in the company’s high street stores.
Each mobile is rated on 0 to 5 scale, with 5 the most eco-friendly score. The eco-rating system is based on a number of factors including a phone’s raw materials, its packaging, energy efficiency, lifespan and how easy it is to recycle.
It also takes into account the ethical performance of the manufacturer, including its labour standards in the supply chain, environmental principles, and support for community programmes.
The top-rated phone on the list is the Sony Ericsson Elm which has been given a score of 4.5, while the least eco-friendly phones are the LG Etna and the Palm Pre Plus with both receiving an eco rating of 2.7 out of 5.
Ronan Dunne, chief executive of O2 UK, said: “We know that sustainability is important for many of our customers and for the first time they will have the whole picture from which to make a full and balanced purchasing decision.”
“Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the social and environmental impact of the technology they buy and we believe this kind of product transparency will help empower them to make greener choices.”
O2 said the move was part of its strategy to be recognised as a UK leader in sustainability by the end of 2011.