Tesco Mobile Launches Cheapest SIM-Only Tariff

Tesco is now offering the UK’s cheapest SIM-only deal, which provides 100 free minutes and unlimited texts for just £6-per-month.
The deal, which is available online and over phone, is a 30-day rolling tariff aimed at teenagers who prefer to send texts instead of making phone calls, and who don’t want to be tied in to fixed-term agreements.
Lance Batchelor, chief executive of Tecso Mobile and Telecoms divisions, explained: “This deal is ideal for a younger market or any text addict out there who doesn’t want to have to fork out a large amount each month but still wants to use their mobile to their hearts content.”
“We’ve seen a big increase in sim only mobile tariffs as savvy spenders hang on to their handsets and shop around for the best tariffs available.”
Ernest Doku, communications expert at uSwitch.com, commented: “This deal screams value. Tesco Mobile is a proven success in the ‘no-frills’ sector, already selling plenty in the prepay space and adopting a similar tack with its first pay monthly efforts.”
“Offering unlimited texts for £6 is certainly compelling to those looking for savings on their bill, and Sim-only means not having to shell out for a phone, keeping costs low.”
He added: “By keeping things simple and just offering consumers a cheaper deal that works with their current handset, and which can be set up on the spot, Tesco Mobile is giving the big boys in the mobile market a run for their money.”
SIM-only deals are becoming increasingly popular in the UK as they allow users to join a mobile operator’s network by simply changing their SIM card rather than their mobile handset .