Android 2.2 Mobiles Get BBC iPlayer Service

Android smartphone users can now watch BBC TV shows on the go through the broadcaster’s popular iPlayer service, which is now available on Android 2.2.
Android 2.2 is the latest version of Google’s Android operating system . It is able to support the BBC iPlayer as it comes equipped with Flash 10.1 compatibility.
The BBC has optimised the iPlayer’s user interface to make it simpler and easier to use on a touchscreen device.
Playback over Android runs smoothly at a Flash stream of 400kbps, which the broadcaster says “provides a really good playback experience.”
The BBC warns that users can only access the iPlayer over WiFi and using a really powerful mobile phone processor.
However, it has also been reported that some users have been able to access the site both on WiFi and on 3G .
Google says Android 2.2 software updates should begin rolling out later this week, starting with Nexus One .