Mobile Phone-Charging Wellies Unveiled by Orange

Mobile operator Orange has unveiled a pair of eco-friendly wellies that allow users to charge their mobile phones using the heat generated by their feet.
The new ‘Power Wellies’ work by converting foot heat into an electrical current, which is used to charge mobile handsets . Phones are plugged into a simply a power socket at the top of the boot.
However, users will have to walk for at least twelve hours in order to create enough power to charge their mobile for one hour, according to Orange .
The company said the boots, which have been created in collaboration with eco-experts GotWind, are designed for users visiting muddy areas that lack a reliable power supply, such as music festivals or concerts.

Prototypes will be available to try at this summer’s Glastonbury Festival, which kicks off on June 23 in Pilton, Rutland. Orange will also have standard mobile phone charging points available.
The new technology comes just a week after Nokia introduced a new bicycle mobile phone charger .
The company said users will get free and efficient charging from cycling as the device starts charging when a bicycle reaches a speed of 6 km/h and matches “the efficiency of a normal charger when the bike is travelling at 12kmh”.
The eco-friendly charger kit, which consists of bicycle charger, a Nokia phone holder and a bottle dynamo, will be available to buy later this year for around 15 euros.