Vodafone To Roll Out Best Value Data Roaming Rates

Vodafone has announced it is to make it cheaper for customers to access the internet on their mobile phone whilst abroad.
The mobile network operator has unveiled new, cheaper roaming rates for mobile internet browsing, which will come into effect from June 15th.
From this date, Vodafone customers who use their handsets to browse the web while overseas in Europe will be charged £1 per megabyte for the first five megabytes of data used.
Accessing the internet in locations outside of Europe will cost £5 per megabyte for the first five megabytes; a rate which Vodafone claims offers “the best value amongst all the UK mobile operators” for the average mobile internet user.
According to Vodafone, one megabyte of data usage on a mobile handset is enough to view around 50 mobile-friendly web pages.
In addition to the new roaming rates, the network operator has also revealed it will make it cheaper for customers heading to South Africa for this year’s FIFA World Cup to call home.
The company has extended its ‘Passport Promotion’ to South Africa for the summer, meaning customers will be charged normal UK rates – after paying a 75p connection fee – when calling their friends and family back home, instead of the usual expensive roaming charges. Texting home will also cost just 11p.