Student Sets Up Online Mobile Swap Service

A student from Liverpool University has launched what he claims is the UK’s first mobile phone swap service.
Kasim Javed has added a new service to his web-based phone recycling business ( that allows mobile users to swap their old handset for a newer model in a single online process.
Customers can trade in an old phone for an upgrade on their current mobile, even if their upgrade is not due for months, or swap broken or damaged handsets for the latest mobile of their choice.
Alternatively, they can make money by downgrading from a high specification model to a simpler low-spec model, or by sending their mobile for recycling .
Earlier this year, the government watchdog Consumer Focus revealed that there were an estimated 85 million mobile handsets lying around UK homes.
Research found that 68 per cent of mobile owners had at least one phone they no longer use, while a staggering 11 per cent claimed to have five or more discarded handsets in their home.