Vodafone Cuts Mobile Roaming Rates

Vodafone has announced that it will lower the cost of using smartphones to browse the internet while on holiday or business in Europe.
Britain’s third biggest mobile phone operator said customers from the UK who travel abroad occasionally will be able to continue using their domestic mobile data plan abroad for just £2 a day.
Regular travellers will be offered a price plan which includes data roaming within their existing monthly package.
Customers on contract price plans of £40 and above will be able to access the web abroad for no extra cost, while those with contracts below £40 a month will be able to pay an extra £10 a month for 25MB of daily access.
Customers will be able to access the new tariffs in all Vodafone’s European markets, plus France, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria.
Vittorio Colao, chief executive of Vodafone, said: “This is the year of the smartphone and we want our 35m European data users to feel free to use their devices in Europe in the same way as they do at home.”
“We expect smartphone sales in Europe to grow from 32 per cent to more than 70 per cent by 2013 and we want to drive that growth with what we believe to be the best value market-leading roaming data package.”