Motorola Atrix Arriving In the UK On Orange Next Month

Orange has announced that it has agreed a deal with Motorola to be the “exclusive launch partner” for the firm’s new Atrix smartphone in the UK.
The dual-core handset will be available in early May on two-year price plans costing £35 per month or more. Buyers will get 600 minutes, 750MB of mobile data, unlimited texts and unlimited (fair-use limited) Wi-Fi .
The Motorola Atrix comes equipped with two 1GHz Tegra 2 processors, 1GB of RAM , a 4-inch HD display, front and back cameras, Android 2.2 OS, 16GB of internal storage and Motorola’s Webtop app which runs Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and supports Adobe Flash Player.
Buyers can also add a HD Multimedia Dock, which comes with 3 USB ports and one mini HDMI port, allowing users to turn the phone into a PC or a multimedia hub.
The other docking system available is the Motorola Lapdock, which turns the phone into a netbook . The Lapdock is powered by the phone’s hardware, features an 11.6-inch screen and comes with its own battery offering 8 hours of battery life.
Orange customers will have the option to purchase a “Work and Play Kit” that includes the HD Multimedia Dock along with a remote control, wireless mouse and keyboard at a reduced price of £50, while those who upgrade to the Atrix during May will get the kit for free.
The Lapdock is priced at £299 but Orange says it will be available at lower prices on different tariffs.