iPhone 4 No Longer Most Desirable Mobile

The Apple iPhone 4 is no longer the hottest mobile on the UK market, according to new research by comparison site USwitch.com.
The company recently released a list of the “nation’s” top ten mobile phones which shows the iPhone 4 has dropped three places since January and is now only the sixth most popular handset among Brits.
Leading the way is Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, with the HTC Desire, Desire HD and HTC Wildfire smartphones claiming the top three places on the USwitch list, followed by the Blackberry Curve and the Samsung’s Galaxy S .
The website’s new mobile tracker, which ranks the top handsets based on live searches and sales, also highlighted the growing popularity of Android -operated handsets, with half of the most popular mobiles all running the Google operating system.
Ernest Doku, technology expert at uSwitch.com, said customers were turning away from the iPhone 4 due to the vast range of free smartphone deals currently available.
“A free handset is a much more attractive proposition than shelling out for one – especially at iPhone prices,” he said.