iPad users targeted in Thailand tourism drive

Owners of Apple’s iPads and iPhones have been targeted in a new marketing drive from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).
The organisation has created a series of mini-games aimed at the technology savvy younger generation, with two of the programmes already having been launched.
Somtam Sukjai is available exclusively for the iPad and can be downloaded from Apple’s online store.
It asks players to take on the role of chefs and challenges them to find and select the correct ingredients as listed on each menu within a set timeframe.
The game is designed to celebrate Thai food, which is considered one of the major attractions of the south-east Asian nation.
Meanwhile, Tuk Tuk Racing is available to both iPad and iPhone users, as well as owners of other smartphones .
It sees gamers take on the role of a tuk-tuk driver, who has to manoeuvre around obstacles in order to get to his destination as quickly as possible.
TAT governor Suraphon Svetasreni explained that the organisation has deliberately chosen to go down the social networking and smartphone route with its marketing.
“Digital is the new media to reach the internet and smartphone users, all of whom are well-educated with high income levels,” he said.
Meanwhile, it was recently rumoured that Apple might release two new iPhone versions in the coming months.