iPhone helps remote business

With Apple’s recent launch of its iWork software, iPhones and iPads could become vital business tolls for the UK’s army of remote workers.
The applications allow users to create, edit and send Word, Excel and PowerPoint from their devices.
According to Smart Gorillas, such devices have made a real difference to how people conduct business in the 21st century.
” Smartphones are having a massive impact on business life today,” editor Heather McLean said.
“Over the past 18 months, these computers in your pocket have spread from the world of the consumer into the business world.”
The expert added that much of the popularity of iPhones and other digital handheld devices comes from the power they can now wield.
Some offer up to 1.2 gigahertz dual core processors, which provide super-fast speed and the ability to use the handsets as minicomputer for work.
She noted that flexible working practices have definitely increased as a result of the introduction of smartphone to the business mobile market.