iPhone roaming charges should be reduced

The cost of using iPhones and iPads abroad should be reduced to stop Brits being unfairly hit with large bills on their return to the UK, it has been claimed.

According to What Mobile, the price of making calls and accessing online data in foreign countries is still significantly higher than it should be.

Recent figures from the European Commission show that mobile roaming charges have been lowered across the EU .

However, a Carphone Warehouse survey discovered that more than three in ten (62 per cent) Brits have been hit with inflated bills when using their smartphones and other mobile devices abroad.

While it is good news that prices are dropping, the industry should do more to protect its customers and charge a fair rate, What Mobile editor Jonathan Morris said.

“The industry needs to just cut the rates and cut the rates permanently – not try to do it as a promotion, or as bolt-ons, or by making you sign up to a new contract,” he explained.

Mr Morris noted that operators are currently allowed to inflate data prices, adding extra charges to their basic tariffs .