iPhone users should be wary of roaming costs

iPhone users should be wary of using their mobile device abroad unless they fully understand the charges associated with the destination country.

According to moneysupermarket.com, the cost of using such a handset overseas can be much higher than in the UK.

The online resource pointed out that mobile usage charges outside the European Union remain uncapped, leaving Brits open to receiving massive bills when they return to the UK.

New maximum limits on roaming charges were brought in by the European Commission on July 1st, but these do not apply outside of the EU.

Moneysupermarket.com manager of mobiles Mike Wilson explained that the cost of using iPhones and other handheld mobile devices rises significantly when leaving the UK.

“Any inclusive texts, minutes and data allowance become void and everything you do with your phone is more expensive,” he said.
“Although there is a lot being done by the European Commission to bring down the costs for using your mobile in EU countries, there is no such action in process when travelling beyond.”

In other news, the Wall Street Journal recently speculated that there is already an iPhone 6 in production, which may introduce new charging technology .