New iPhone app helps avoid road penalties

British iPhone users in the UK who are worried about the possibility of being caught off guard by speed traps on unfamiliar roads might be interested in a new app.
The RoadPilot Mobile is designed to help keep drivers on the right side of the law by warning them of speed cameras.
Priced at 59p for a 30-day trial, the app could also help to cut crashes as the forewarning would give motorists the chance to adjust their speed gradually, rather than the reactive slamming on of the brakes when a camera is spotted.
It makes use of RoadPilot’s global database of more than 35,000 fixed speed camera locations and also allows community users to notify each other of live mobile camera sites.
RoadPilot chief executive James Flynn explained that motorists may be especially keen to keep on the traffic police’s good side at the moment.
“In these straitened times the last thing cash-strapped drivers need is a speeding fine for having crept over the limit on an unfamiliar road,” he said.
“RoadPilot Mobile can help motorists be more aware of local speed limits and all upcoming fixed and mobile speed detection sites, meaning they can focus fully on the road ahead and keep a clean licence.”
Meanwhile, recent data revealed that one in 20 unscrupulous UK drivers would stage an accident for money.