Apple iPhone is the device to beat

With Apple recently announcing the details of its new iOS 5 smartphone operating system software update, one expert has claimed that the iPhone remains the device to be beaten in the mobiles market.
Mobile Gazette claimed that Brits are now keener than ever to own a smartphone, with companies pushing the boundaries of technology and new and improved models being made available on a regular basis.
Editor Conrad Longmore explained that “the idea of owning a smartphone is becoming very compelling”.
There are several manufacturers fighting it out to be seen as the market leaders when it comes to the technology in your pocket,” he said.
“Apple is the one to beat, but competitors such as HTC, LG and Samsung regularly raise the stakes.”
The new iOS 5 system will include the ability to use Twitter from anywhere on the phone and offer a ‘reminders’ function that will help users keep track of their daily tasks.
Mr Longmore added that it is only a matter of time before the top manufacturers announce plans for 3D smartphones and run their devices with dual-core 1.4GHz processors to improve performance.