iPhone users urged to take security seriously

Brits with iPhones or any other smartphone have been encouraged to take mobile security very seriously.
According to Norton, 2011 will see a concentrated effort to educate users of handheld devices on the threat of cyber attacks.
Director of regional product marketing Con Mallon explained that there is a need to take security seriously on both smartphones and tablets, such as the iPhone and iPad .
“That is one of the big education elements that I think you’re really going to start to see go out during the course of this year,” he said.
The expert noted that while attacks on these devices have been limited so far, “we definitely see some of the enablers and drivers now being present in that place”.
A recent study from Juniper Research showed that one in 20 smartphones and tablets have third party security software installed in them – which could mean that 19 in 20 might be at greater risk of cyber attack, putting sensitive information at risk.