New mobile phone payment service launched in the UK

A joint venture between Barclaycard and Orange means that consumers will now be able to use their mobile phones to pay for purchases in shops.
The two groups have installed phone readers in over 50,000 stores across the UK, including Pret a Manger and McDonalds, enabling people to buy items of £15 or less with their phone.
The contactless mobile phone payments system is available to Orange customers who use a ‘Quick Tap’ enabled handset . The firm is introducing the service on the Samsung Tocco Lite, which is one of its most popular handsets and will be available on both a ‘pay as you go’ and monthly plan basis. Customers will need to load up to £100 on their phone using a Barclaycard, Barclays debit card or Orange credit card . They will receive electronic statements on their mobile screen itemising what they have spent.
Pippa Dunn, Orange vice president, said: “We no longer use our mobile phones simply for talking and texting – apps, cameras and music players allow us to use them for a lot more. So, making contactless payments with your mobile is a natural and really exciting innovation which we’re pleased to be leading on in the UK.”