Mobile Phone Use Not Linked To Brain Cancer Risk

Danish researchers involved in the world’s biggest study into the relationship between mobiles phones and cancer claim they have successfully established that mobiles do not increase the risk of brain cancer .
The widespread study found that cancer rates in the central nervous system did not differ significantly between people who do not use mobile handsets and long-term users.
Researchers from the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology in Copenhagen analysed health data from the whole Danish population aged over 30 and born in Denmark after 1925 over a 17-year period.
The results showed similar cancer rates for people who had used a mobile phone for 13 years or more and non-users, suggesting there is no increased risk of cancer arising from mobile usage.
In general, our findings are in line with most of the epidemiological research that has been conducted to date,” said lead author Patrizia Frei.
However, while the findings reaffirm the basic science that mobile phones cannot cause brain tumour, believe scientists, the authors of the study stressed that they do not rule out “a small to increase in risk” for extremely heavy users, or for people using these devices phones for more than 15 years.