Facial recognition capacity to become more common in mobile phones

Facial recognition capacity will become a more common feature in mobile phones in the near future.
This is the suggestion of a new study from ABI Research, which predicted almost 20 per cent of annual smartphone shipments will include the technology by the end of this year.
It was demonstrated that an increasing number of mobile operating systems will begin to incorporate the software, which is currently only supported in significant volumes by Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean setups.
Josh Flood, senior analyst at ABI Research, noted: “Facial recognition technology has improved drastically over the last ten years and accuracy is almost always above 90 per cent.”
Mr Flood explained that although facial expressions and lighting conditions can sometimes impact the success of the capability, improvements are being made to boost camera resolution and the processing power of mobile devices is increasing.
Entitled Facial Recognition for Mobile Devices, the report noted advances in this area have already been seen with greater adoption of the technology with regard to smart TVs and more advanced 3D cameras.