The best mobile phone apps are reliable

The best mobile phone apps are easy to use and reliable, new research has suggested.
According to Strategy Analytics’ Wireless Media Lab report – entitled Consumers Find Highest Value in Mobile Apps That Are Convenient and Useful – most users enjoy applications that are of a certain standard, function as expected and are stable.
It was shown that consumers are least happy when apps are slow, send spam, run a high number of advertisements and cause glitches on their mobile phones.
Taryn Tulay, an analyst in the Strategic Analytics Wireless Media Lab, noted 80 per cent of all applications downloaded are free, while consumers pay for less than ten per cent of the digital products.
The expert observed: “Apps must be unique, of good quality and used by the consumer on a daily basis – providing them with a service or feature that they cannot get anywhere else.”
It was also demonstrated that people tend to visit mobile application stores a couple of times each week. While some head to these outlets to search for updates to their current apps, others are eager to check out the latest releases.