Mobile market growth slows

The international mobile phone market has showed signs of slowing down during the last 12 months, new research from IDC has revealed.

According to the information technology analytics firm, worldwide shipments of the gadgets increased by 1.4 per cent in 2012, which is less than was expected within the market.

Despite the continuing popularity of smartphones among tech-savvy consumers, the growth figure is the smallest reported by IDC in three years, with researchers claiming the sluggish economy has impacted the industry.

However, the organisation also predicted a record three months of smartphone sales in the lead-up to Christmas, as parents and loved ones rush out to buy their relatives the latest gadgets.

Android was found to be the most dominant mobile operating system at the moment, with a 68 per cent mobile share, but analysts predicted its spell at the top spot will fall in the coming years as competitors catch up with their software.