Mobile phone companies increase support systems investment

Mobile phone companies are continuing to increase the amount of money they spend on mobile operations support systems (OSS).
This is according to new findings from ABI Research and should spell good news for consumers looking for the latest telecommunication products.
It was shown that the OSS market – which relates to computer systems, procedures, software and tools – grew by 8.6 per cent in 2011 to stand at $9,079 million (£5,656 million).
In addition, the study revealed the sector should see 3.3 per cent growth in 2012 to reach $9,376 million, with operators looking to increase efficiency and improve oversight.
Jake Saunders, vice-president for forecasting at ABI Research – which was established in 1990 – said: “As mobile operators strive to simplify their legacy OSS architectures and procedures, 2011, 2012 and likely through 2015 should see the benefits of 4G deployments and upgrades.”
Mr Saunders noted 2017 should see this investment surpassing $10,271 million, which will be slightly down on the anticipated peak of 2015, when the figure is expected to stand at $10,768 million.