New HTC M7 smartphone rumoured for launch in 2013

HTC is rumoured to be planning to launch a new high-end smartphone called the M7 as its flagship offering for next year.
Reports are emerging from Taiwanese news sources to suggest that the company – which has lost market share to Apple and Samsung in recent months – is likely to be introduced the new phone in April.
The manufacturer is said to be working with semiconductor producers to make sure it has enough components to produce the M7, which is likely to sport a seven-inch high-definition display and a quad-core processor.
HTC has historically revealed new products at the Mobile World Congress, which is set to take place between February 25th and 28th next year.
By launching the phone early next year, it is thought that the company will be able to beat Samsung’s Galaxy S4 to market, giving it a potentially crucial advantage as the companies battle for supremacy.
This comes not long after HTC recently released its newest handset the Droid DNA, which also features a five-inch 1080p high-definition display and a quad-core Snapdragon processor.