Mobile phones increasingly used to make payments

An increasing number of consumers are using their mobile phones to purchase items in a quick and efficient manner, as this type of payment method continues to grow in popularity among businesses.

According to Rob Thurner, mobile consultant, trainer and speaker at, smartphones are set to be utilised even more in the coming years by individuals looking to purchase products and services in a speedy manner.

He went on to say cash-strapped shoppers who may be feeling the pinch in the current economic climate are also using their gadgets to claim offers and vouchers that could save them money in various outlets.

Mr Thurner added there has been a “significant level of interest” among individuals looking to download coupons to their mobiles in a variety of different ways.

“It can be set in such a way that it can only be redeemed at certain times, in certain places and with certain offers, according to what the vendor wants to achieve,” he added.