O2 apologises for mobile phone coverage disruption

O2 has apologised for the coverage disruption some of its mobile phone customers have been experiencing since Wednesday (July 11th) afternoon.
The provider explained full network service has now been resumed, but was eager to say sorry for an outage that left many users unable to make calls or send text messages.
O2 revealed it is now working hard to discover the cause of the problem, stating it aims to “restore customer confidence and trust in us so for those customers affected by the lack of service, we will be doing everything we can to make it up to them”.
The fault first occurred on Wednesday afternoon at approximately 13:30 BST, with 2G mobile services restored at 08:00 the following morning and all 3G setups back on track by 13:39 later that day.
Customers of the mobile phone network – which was established following the demerger from British Telecom in 2001 – appeared to have been impacted at random, as the organisation confirmed the problem was not specific to certain regions, nor was it confined to number ranges.