People can limit mobile phones costs abroad

People can keep down the costs of using their mobile phones abroad by following a few helpful tips, it has been claimed.
Which? has recommended individuals use these strategies to prevent any nasty phone bill shocks when they return from their summer holidays .
The guidance comes in response to new findings from the organisation that revealed vacationers may run up costs of £336 should they leave data roaming switched on while in a country outside the European Union.
It was shown the charges might escalate if applications and downloads automatically run on the devices.
According to Which?, consumers can reduce the risk of this happening by turning off data roaming on their phone settings, obtaining a local pay-as-you-go sim card and using wi-fi hotspots in places such as hotels and restaurants.
People should also query any unexpected charges with their provider, as mistakes can be made when processing overseas mobile phone use fees.
Richard Lloyd, executive director at Which?, noted: “Using your mobile overseas can be hugely expensive but there are things consumers can do to keep costs down, like using wi-fi where available and turning off data-roaming.”