Which launches new mobile phone campaign

A new campaign aiming to end price rises on fixed mobile phone contracts has been launched today (July 16th) by Which?.

The Fixed Means Fixed drive, which has been submitted through a formal complaint to Ofcom, has urged regulators to investigate the issue and all other aspects of these deals to ensure monthly bills remain the same throughout the duration of a contract.

It comes after an investigation carried out by the consumer watchdog found many mobile operators use hidden clauses to increase rates during the period.

Research carried out by Which? revealed some 70 per cent of people on fixed contracts were unaware providers could introduce hikes, which could be bringing £90 million into the industry every year.

Vodafone customers were found to be the least aware of these terms, with 78 per cent claiming they did not know, followed by O2 (76 per cent) and T-mobile (63 per cent).

Richard Lloyd, executive director of Which?, said: “These hidden price rises mean millions of people are forced to pay more than they expected at a time when household budgets are already squeezed.”