4G To Arrive A Year Early In The UK

Everything Everywhere (EE), owners of T-Mobile and Orange, are planning to bring 4G to the UK by the end of the year, the company has announced
A series of delays to the 4G spectrum auction meant that 4G network technology was not due to be available in the UK until next year.
However, Everything Everywhere hope to make it available a year ahead of schedule in October. They have already applied to OFCOM , the UK’s telecoms regulator, to upgrade some of its existing wireless spectrum to support 4G, and hope to have the proposition approved in the Spring.
If regulators give the go ahead, upgrades to some of the network could be completed by late Autumn/early Winter, bringing much faster mobile broadband speeds to not only EE customers, but also Three and Virgin Media subscribers as the two operators use EE’s network.
EE Chief Executive Olaf Swantee said: “The UK has been ahead in this industry for many years and we need to get that back.”
“As we are the largest in this market we believe it is our duty to lay the groundwork for a future digital Britain.”