Three Scraps Excess Mobile Data Charges

Three has launched a new mobile tariff that promise not to hit customers with extra charges if they exceed their data limits.
The new Essential Internet plan automatically cuts off access to the internet for smartphone users who go over their limits, meaning they don’t have to worry about inflated charges.
Users are notified by the network operator through text alerts once their cap is reached and access to the web is cut off until the next month, when the limit starts again.
Prices start from £15 a month, which provides 100 minutes, 500 texts and a 250MB allowance with “absolutely zero chance of out-of-bundle data charges”, as well as a free Samsung Galaxy Ace smartphone .
Customers who reach their allowance can purchase additional data, at £2 for a 250Mb add-on, or £5 for unlimited data. Each of these options lasts for 30 days. Additionally they can change to an Three’s Ultimate Internet plan at any point.
Ernest Doku, mobile expert at price comparison site, said: “Three’s new price plans reflect the shift in the way people are now using their mobiles. Minutes have been pared back and data allowances have been ramped up, giving users unlimited access to the web.”
“However, it remains to be seen whether the ability to “top-up” is as quick as is needed if one needs a quick additional bit of data in a pinch.”