Bemilo Child-Safe Mobile Network Gets UK Launch

A new mobile network – billed as the UK’s safest – has been launched in a bid to give parents full control of their child’s mobile phone and help prevent mobile bullying.
Parents who sign up to Bemilo and use the specially developed SIM can access their child’s phone 24- hours a day via a smartphone, PC or laptop .
They can review all calls and text messages on the handset, block bullies, control the time of day their child can use the phone and browse the web, and control monthly costs – all through parentally controlled webpage accessed through their Bemilo account. And unlike an app, a child will not be able to switch the service off.
A 12-month Bemilo prepay safety contract costs £2.95 per month, or £3.95 on a month-by-month basis. This includes calls, SMS and data purchased on a Pay As You Go service. Those buying the annual pack will receive a 25 per cent discount, the equivalent of paying £2.95 a month.
The tariff is available to buy through the Bemilo website or at Carphone Warehouse stores from May 28.
“Bemilo has beaten all the regulators to launch the UK’s first safe mobile network,” commented Bemilo Founder and Chairman Simon Goff.
“It’s the ultimate customer champion and the first mobile network in the UK to have listened to parents, offering them complete control of their child’s mobile activity, and answers all the concerns of governments and regulators.”
The new service comes after a survey of 2,000 parents conducted by Bemilo found that 40 per cent of children aged eight to 16 who own a mobile phone are sleep deprived, and one in four have been subjected to mobile phone bullying (unwanted phone calls or texts ).