LG Denies Plans To Ditch Windows Phones

Electronics giant LG has announced that it will not abandon the Windows Phone (WP) platform for its mobile handsets, contrary to reports that surfaced earlier this week.
Rumours of LG ditching Microsoft’s mobile OS were sparked following a report in the Korea Herald which claimed that LG was “taking a step back from Windows phones .”
The company was reported as saying that “the total unit of Windows Phone devices sold in the global market is not a meaningful figure”, further suggesting that it had no plans of rolling out another Windows Phone-powered mobile .
However, a spokesman for LG yesterday said the newspaper was taking things out of context and likened the publication to “Korea’s version of the News of the World”.
In an email, he said: “No, we are not giving up on Windows Phone. Although we don’t have another Windows device in the pipeline at this moment, that is simply because demand for Android devices is so strong.”
LG committed itself to the WP platform in 2009, when it unveiled a 3D display and interface for its high-end smartphones at that year’s Mobile World Congress.
However, the company hasn’t released an original WP device since October 2010. In the UK, the only LG WP available is the LG Optimus 7, while in the US the firm currently offers a QWERTY slider known as the LG Quantum.