Microsoft rumoured to be readying its own smartphone

New reports have emerged suggesting that Microsoft is getting ready to launch its own smartphone.
Sources working for Microsoft parts suppliers have informed the Wall Street Journal that the technology giant is working with component companies in Asia to test its own prototype smartphone design.
This device is said to feature a screen measuring between four and five inches, but Microsoft is thought to still be unsure as to whether or not to go into mass production of the unit.
The rumours come hot on the heels of the launch of Windows 8, a new version of Microsoft’s flagship operating system that is tailored for touchscreen devices, as well as its first tablet device, the Surface.
Moreover, a new version of its mobile operating system called Windows Phone 8 has just been unveiled, which includes a range of user-friendly new features.
However, Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer recently told the publication that he is not willing to comment on any potential smartphone launch, adding: “We’re quite happy this holiday season going to market hard with Nokia, Samsung and HTC.”