4G mobile phone data is more expensive than 3G

Mobile phone users are likely to find that using 4G is more expensive than 3G at present.
This is because new findings from ABI Research have shown that 4G data pricing is around 20 per cent higher than 3G for the equivalent data plan.
However, the study showed this situation could soon change, with tariffs for the latest service being reduced as a result of greater competition in the sector.
Marina Lu, research associate at the company – which was established in 1990 – noted: ” 4G technology has given operators not just greater download speeds, but also greater capacity. Therefore there is a degree of price elasticity.”
Ms Lu explained operators will be eager to increase 4G market share as prices of the devices begin to fall.
It was shown that SK Telecom in South Korea has slashed its 4G costs as it looks to stay competitive, while similar price revisions have been introduced in a number of other regions.
These include the US, Norway and Hong Kong, the latter of which is home to the cheapest 4G data plan in the world at present – CSL Hong Kong – which introduced its 4G offering in November 2011.