Mobile phones to enjoy faster wireless connection speeds

Mobile phones are set to enjoy faster wireless connection speeds thanks to the introduction of a new Wi-Fi protocol.
New findings from ABI Research have shown that 70 per cent of mobile handset shipments will use the new capabilities – called IEEE 802.11ac – in 2015.
The move will result in a number of advantages for phone users, including improved range, greater reliability and superior power consumption, as well as faster connections.
Josh Flood, senior analyst at ABI Research – which has offices in Europe, North America and Asia – noted: “It’s also capable of multiple 2×2 streams and should be particularly good for gaming experiences and HD video streaming on mobile devices.”
Another advancement for modern-day smartphones will centre on Bluetooth capabilities.
According to the research, 65 per cent of mobile devices will incorporate Bluetooth generation 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 this year, while 4.0 – or SmartReady – was introduced in 2011.
This setup is more energy efficient than its predecessors and, depending on the owner’s behaviour, could increase usage of the technology by a factor of five to ten times.