Mobile phones increasingly used in the workplace

Mobile phones are increasingly being used by employees in the workplace, it has been noted.
Bobby Watkins, director of Gemini Devices – a consumer electronics brand – explained staff members are becoming increasingly comfortable with regard to using smartphones and tablet devices in the office.
Mr Watkins observed the number of people owning such products is increasing significantly, with their ease of use meaning individuals are able to bring them to their job and are seeing their working practices boosted.
As a result of such a trend, the popularity of using mobile phones and tablet devices at work could lead to them replacing more traditional office staples such as landline telephones and personal computers.
Mr Watkins stated: “The forerunner is Apple, because people want to use their iPad all the time and [we’ve seen a similar trend] with other branded devices.”
He added cloud-based services such as media and game streaming will become more popular on tablets in the future, with people looking to use devices for a number of different reasons, including gaming, video and storage of media files.