New HTC mobile phone will not include charger

The latest HTC mobile phone offering will not include a charger, as the manufacturer looks to reduce electronic waste.
O2 is to pilot the scheme in the UK, which noted 70 per cent of the 30 million phones sold each year in the nation already include a compatible charger for the handset, the Guardian reports.
The new phone from the Taiwanese company is likely to act as a flagship for the new initiative and is likely to be an updated five-inch version of its current One X smartphone .
Ronan Dunne, chief executive of O2 – part of the Telefonica O2 Europe Group – stated: “O2 with HTC has to go it alone on this matter – we both believe in it passionately enough that we can’t wait for the industry as a whole to join us.”
Mr Dunne pointed out multiple and redundant charges are resulting in a significant environmental cost, with this becoming more noticeable as the prevalence of mobile phone use increases.
He added both manufacturers and retailers have a greater responsibility to make sure the industry is more sustainable.