People are increasingly using mobile phones to access travel content

People are increasingly using their mobile phones to access travel content, new research has shown.
Carried out by comScore, the study revealed nearly 40 million individuals checked out travel sites or apps through their smartphone in July 2012.
This meant 37 per cent of those in possession of such a device used the handset to access this information during the month, with TripAdvisor Media Group emerging as the most visited site of this type.
The group boasted a smartphone audience of 6.7 million visitors for the four-week period, with six million people heading to Expedia and 4.1 million using the offerings from Southwest Airlines.
According to the findings, women are more likely to use online travel agents than their male counterparts. The most notable examples of this gender-based difference were found with regard to Travelocity and Orbitz.
It was also shown that 53 per cent of minutes spent on content in the travel category originated from apps, while browsers made up 47 per cent of minutes.
The findings highlight the increasing importance of mobile phones when it comes to the travel industry.