Samsung Galaxy S III mobile phone proves popular

Samsung’s Galaxy S III is proving popular among mobile phone buyers, new figures have suggested.
The brand has revealed more than 20 million of the devices were sold in the first 100 days of the product being made available, Daily Tech reports.
According to the company, around 200,000 units a day have been snapped up by consumers since the phone was first launched at the end of May, meaning the model reached the 20 million sales mark at a speed around three times quicker than the Galaxy S II.
It was revealed that European sales accounted for six million of the purchases, while 4.5 million came from Asia, four million from North America and 2.5 million in Korea.
A spokesperson for Samsung – which has been in operation for more than 70 years – noted: “Galaxy S III is for non-technical people to evolve and in smart phones the global smartphone market.”
The representative noted the brand is to push ahead with innovative products as it makes changes to the current smartphone format to provide special consumer experiences.