O2 announces new flexible mobile phone tariff

O2 has launched a 24-month tariff designed to give its customers more flexibility by separating talktime, texts and data from the cost of a phone.

The deal, which is called O2 Refresh and will be available in all of the operator’s UK stores from tomorrow (April 16th), means consumers can get a new mobile at any time, without having to pay their airtime contract.
By signing up to receive a new phone and paying separately for the handset and airtime, individuals will benefit from complete transparency and the ability to pay the same as they would on a standard 24-month tariff.

Feilim Mackle, sales and service director at Telefonica UK, said mobile technology is continuing to advance at a rapid pace, but the way phones are sold has remained largely static.
She added: “For the first time in the UK, O2 Refresh will make it possible to get a new phone part way through a pay monthly contract, at any time – quickly, easily and cost-effectively.”
There are three O2 Refresh Airtime Plans to choose from, with customers able to pay either £12, £17 or £22 a month depending on their call, text and data requirements.