Samsung rumoured to launch Galaxy S4 mini in May

Samsung is expected to release a Galaxy S4 mini handset in May, just one month after it launches the larger Galaxy S4.
According to Android Authority, which claimed to receive the news from an anonymous source, the Korean firm is planning the same move as it made with the Galaxy S3 and roll out a smaller, cheaper version of its high-end flagship device.
While the new smartphone – supposedly being developed under the codename Project J – has yet to be discussed by the phone maker itself, the news provider reported Sam Mobile announced on Thursday (February 14th) that Galaxy S4 mini accessories “need to be done by week 21”, which is the week commencing May 20th.
In terms of the handset’s specification, TechRadar suggested it is likely the phone will have a smaller lower resolution display, a less powerful processor and its storage options will be less impressive than the bigger model.
This comes after a wave of successes for Samsung and the firm recently revealed its smartphone shipments drove forward profits of 56 trillion Korean won (£30 billion) during the fourth quarter of last year.