O2 charger pilot exceeds expectations

O2 is on track to sell mobile phones without charges by 2015 after a trial exceeded expectations.
The network has been working alongside HTC to sell its One X+ model without the charger that is usually bundled in the box.
Since the initiative got underway in October, 82 per cent of those who bought the Android mobile phone without a handset did not purchase a separate charger, higher than O2’s estimate of 70 per cent.
The firm wants to cut down on wasted mobile phone accessories and predicts there are around 100 million unused charges in homes across the UK.
O2 chief executive officer Ronan Dunne said the pilot shows “a clear willingness among consumers to consider and respond to the environmental argument for taking a phone charger-free”.
The network estimates that if the results are mirrored across the 30 million new phones sold around the UK annually, there would be 24 million fewer chargers distributed to consumers.