Samsung unveils bendy mobile phone prototype

Samsung has unveiled new technology that could be used to create bendy mobile phones in the future.
The brand revealed its Youm flexible display prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show, which has been running for more than 40 years and is organised by the Consumer Electronics Association.
This new approach to phone creation makes use of OLED screens that can be bent, folded or rolled, Mobile Marketing reports.
Demonstrations of the new device were given by Brian Berkeley, senior vice-president of Samsung’s display lab, who showed onlookers how information can be displayed on the edges of the phone thanks to the ability to wrap displays around the product.
The plastic screens have been described by the manufacturer as almost unbreakable – a trait that could prove attractive among users who have experienced smashed screens after dropping their phones in the past.
As a consequence of this new technology, phone makers in the future may have the opportunity to deviate from the traditional rectangular shape of mobiles as they look to create aesthetically pleasing and easier-to-use devices for their customers.