Most smartphone users report technical problems

Almost three-quarters (71 per cent) of smartphone owners have experienced problems with their mobile and nearly half complain about short battery life.
Following the excitement of Mobile World Congress at the end of last month, research from has found consumers regularly have trouble with their handsets, even when fulfilling simple tasks like texting and calling.
Indeed, the survey revealed 13 per cent have unexpectedly been cut off from calls and 19 per cent suffer patchy coverage, while almost one-third (31 per cent) of respondents have been let down by having no internet or 3G signal.
Ernest Doku, telecommunications expert at the price comparison website, explained that as phones have got smarter, they have also become more temperamental.
He added: “While manufacturers continue to push the boundaries with new designs, consumers shelling out for top of the range devices will be frustrated that they aren’t getting the most out of them.”
This comes after a study conducted by the International Data Corporation recently forecast sales of smartphones are on track to outperform those of feature phones for the first time this year.