Smartphone owners cannot last 24 hours without apps

The majority of smartphone owners cannot go one day without accessing their favourite mobile applications.
According to a new study carried out by Apigee of more than 760 consumers based in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and the US, 82 per cent of individuals would not be able to survive 24 hours without certain platforms, including Facebook and email.
Furthermore, almost three-quarters (72 per cent) of respondents claimed to use as many as ten apps every day, while two per cent even go on over 50.
Chet Kapoor, chief executive officer of the analytics and management solutions firm, said the findings of the research highlight how people worldwide are becoming increasingly attached to their handsets.
“Apps are becoming transformative to everything we do, but an app is only as good as its application programming interface,” he added.
Respondents reported that without apps, they would be unable to do basic things like feeling happy (23 per cent), getting to work (20 per cent) or impress people (ten per cent).
A recent survey from Halifax also showed UK consumers are so obsessed with their mobile devices they will use them to ring people in the next room.